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Where To Buy CBD Oil The Legal Way?

A few years ago, most people had no clue about CBD oil. It was mostly known as an illegal product that is restricted to places that need a legal permission to sell it. However, it is now being looked upon as a plant compound that has several medicinal properties. Right from patients to athletes and those who are aging; everyone wants to know from where and how to buy CBD oil the legal way. AllCBDOilBenefits are still being researched and although there is a lot to unravel, its sale is definitely at an all-time high.

Why is it such a rage?

CBD oil is a rage because apparently, it has medicinal properties that can be used for relaxing your muscles, prevent inflammation, reduce anxiety and for maintaining general health.

Is CBD oil legal?

The primary source of CBD oil is hemp and the oil is high in its proportions. While this is legal in the United States, there are particular properties that the oil needs to abide by. The U.S. law states that hemp needs to be grown outside the country in order to be shipped legally all over the country. However, if hemp is locally grown in a particular state of the U.S. it can only be sold legally within that state.

The 3 legal ways to buy CBD Oil;

There are only 3 legal ways in which you can buy CBD oil in the United States and they are:

  1. Import

CBD oil that has been processed from hemp seeds and stalks can be legally imported according to a circuit court decision of 2004. However, CBD oil that is extracted from hemp flower is not allowed to be imported and can be seized if exposed.

  1. Medical Marijuana program

A state that has a legal Medical Marijuana (MMJ) program is where CBD oil can be legally acquired. However, this oil cannot cross state borders. It has to be limited to within that state alone. Only those residing in that particular state can make use of the oil.

  1. Domestic hemp program

A state that complies with the Federal Farm Bill and also has a domestic hemp program can sell CBD oil legally. For example, Kentucky, in the United States, has proper regulatory and legislative laws around hemp programs in order to promote the cultivation and marketing of hemp and hemp-based CBD oil. Within the state of Kentucky, hemp oil can be grown as an agricultural commodity.