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How to make sure your toys comply with the law

Not all toy manufacturers are like ToyReviewExperts to deal with only certified toys that are deemed safe for children to use. It is common to recall toys, the most recent being the Toy r US bruin infant wiggle balls on the basis of detachable parts that can cause choking hazards in infants.  Everyone who deals in manufacturing and supplying toys must know that it is a criminal offense to supply toys that do not conform to the international safety regulations.

The law states that all toys intended for play for children below the age of 14 must meet certain safety requirements. So, how do you know if a toy is safe to use or not? Simple, look for the label.

Labelling toys is mandatory

All toys world over must meet a standard set of rules and regulations. There is no concrete global standardization yet. In Europe, all toys must meet the safety criteria set by EC Toy Safety Directive. Any toy that has passed the test will carry CE symbol. Canada, UK, US, Australia and New Zealand have their own safety standards which are categorized as the ISO 8124 standards. Thus, any toy label must have the following information on it:

  • CE symbol
  • Name and address of the manufacturer and the importer
  • Trademark
  • Instructions on how to use
  • Intended age of use
  • Toys that need adult supervision must state so
  • Electronic toys must show the voltage and must be properly insulated
  • And clear symbolic representation for safe use.

What can you do to make sure your toys comply?

Here are the steps you can take to ensure your supplier complies:

  • Ask for a written assurance that the goods meet the required safety regulations
  • Keep a record of all invoices and sale deeds
  • Request for a sample before placing an order
  • Test the sample or ask the supplier to carry out the test and enclose the relevant documents.

Remember labeling alone is never sufficient to ensure that the product meets the required safety standards.…

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