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Does the law have anything to say about butt plugs?

I hail from a place where law affords absolute freedom to me to be myself:

What I do behind the doors in my own bedroom is my absolute lookout. It has been in the same vein as it is my life and I am the best judge of it possible. But I can tell you that some of the countries have so much power over their subjects that they can dictate that their own lives even behind the closed bedroom door are not exactly theirs.

So, I am talking about a country where I spent three suffocating years that I could not even choose a sex toy from an open market store. Why do you ask? Well, because these adult toys cannot be seen to be sold out in the open markets at all.

I checked out the local pharmacies and shops et al and they all seemed to give me looks that terrified me. One of the pharmacies had staff that mocked me and I was almost on the edge trying to explain to them that I did not find it funny that they did not store sex toys on the ship.

Fortunately, I read a new article in the Asian edition of time that tried to decipher why exactly countries such as my temporary domicile were against shops stocking on adult sex toys.

The reason almost bowled me!

The reason apparently is that the moral fabric of the society is getting damaged and the people at the helm think that when it is openly sold can puncture the morals of the young boys and girls. I was smiling when reading most part of the article but I could not contain my amusement when I read that the smarter population in the country prefers to buy the sex toys online which come discreetly packed from faraway lands.

That’s what has reiterated at this site also. I mean it sounds stupid but that is the way it is! I complained, I whined but I also ordered my butt plug online and no one really knew that I procured it!…

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