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How To Work Effectively With Your Lawyer

Just hiring a lawyer does not solve the purpose. You need to know how to work with them which will let you work effectively as well as save you a lot of cost.

To begin with, remember that you are purchasing the lawyers hours. So you should know how to make a purchase of his expertise which he charges by the hour. This is for all lawyers including the attorneys in myrtle beach sc. Many tend to lose out on this part. So you actually end up paying the same amount to a lawyer who sits for an hour with you drafting the documents or you could put it to better use. It is up to you how you use the lawyer’s time and save your own money.

You want something that is good but quick as well as cheap. But this does not always work out. You should give your lawyer a lot of advanced notice and be clear of what you want. This will let him maintain high standards of quality. Give them enough time so that they can delegate some of the work to a junior lawyer and this will save you some money. So in case you want a contract on Monday at least give him three to four days’ time so that he can get the documents for you by delegating it to a junior staff.

It is important that you smartly use your lawyer’s knowledge and contacts. Your lawyers may have contacts with bankers, businessmen and accountants. You may not be able to have such huge contacts yourself. Make use of these contacts and this can be done when you are clear about what your objectives are.

Follow through and concentrate all your efforts to get a result from your lawyer that is cost efficient. If you stretch it will not only take a lot of time but will also cost you a lot. Like for example suppose you be to get back to the lawyer with a particular document but you take two months to furnish the document then the lawyer will spend additional time in reviewing the whole case.


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What Is Your Unpaid Wage Worth?

Though the federal Far Labour Standard Act has minimum rules set for employers to follow, different states have their own laws to protect their employees. California is one such state that has strict laws for the protection of the employees. If your employer has failed to pay your final paycheck, you are not only entitled to get your final paycheck with the help of law but also can recover the penalties for the unpaid wages as a way to punish the employer for violating the laws of the land.

Wage Violations

The most common wage violation that happens are

  • Paying a minimum wage per hour to the employees than intended
  • Failing to pay the employees for every hour they worked
  • Failing to pay for the overtime hours
  • Failing to pay the employees for the breaks during workday

Penalties for Wage Violations

In the case of the above violations that happen to you, you are entitled to collect the penalty in addition to the unpaid wages. Penalties are levied for unpaid wages which include

  • Meal Period: If you have missed one or more meal periods, one hour of pay for each day you missed.
  • Rest Break: If you have missed one or more rest breaks, then one hour of pay for each day you missed.
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Violations in Paystub: If the employer fails to provide the required information in the paystub about the employee’s wages and hours of work, the employee can collect $50 for the first violation and $100 for the subsequent ones.
  • Penalties for Waiting time: If the employer fails to pay the final payment on time, then the employee can claim the average daily wage per day till the date of payment (to a maximum of 30 days)
  • Violations on Sick Leave: If the employer fails to provide paid sick leave, the employee can claim thrice the value of the paid sick leave to a total sum of $4000.

Employees can file a wage claim in the California Labour Commissioner’s office or file a lawsuit in court if the employer fails to pay the final paycheck.


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