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Best Legal Blogs to Follow About Drug Tests

Most private and public employers have to ensure that the workplace is safe and free of health hazards. They can ask their employees to undergo a drug test in order to satisfy the legal and health regulations and norms already in place. This helps to ensure a safe workplace for everyone. It is believed that drug use results in more absenteeism and decreased productivity apart from the negative impact on morale and health.

There are many blogs that help people understand the effects of drugs and drug tests that may have on their careers and help them understand the facts clearly.

New recruits, nowadays have to undergo a drug test invariably. Employers have the right to test their prospective employees for drug usage and the prospective employees may lose the job offer by declining to take the test. Pre-employment medical tests are mandatory and do not involve the union and do not have to be justified.

Many states have laws in place that protect the rights of both the employees and employers. Employers need to justify the need for the tests and employees can choose if they want to decline to take the test. Sometimes a worker may have had just one instance of drug use, and then he keeps worrying, will one line of coke show up in pee drug test? If this is just a single instance, then he may just escape by taking the test after some time allowing the drug to be flushed out of the system.

In habitual drug users’ case, if the employee poses a substantial risk to others or himself then he can be asked to take a test and he cannot decline unless he wants to lose the job. If the employer has any evidence, then that is helpful. People should not watch legal TV programs or read random blogs and think that they can get away from the law. It is not that simple. Legal statements and laws are complicated and are different for different states and areas. Even if marijuana is legal in a state, the laws for drug testing will still be applicable. So go to a trusted legal blog for clear information.…

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